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Suttons' Catering is a creation of our Mother's way of  cooking Southern and Cajun styles of delicious foods.



Suttons' Catering started in August of 2017, and is located in Beaumont,  Our family operated and owned several restaurants in Beaumont, and in Houston Texas, back in the 70's. My mom did the cooking, and we all shared in preparing food for my  brother Russell's barbecue, fast food restaurants, in Houston.  Suttons' Catering uses the freshes food in creating all sorts of dishes like. Gumbo, Creole shrimp, and baked foods. we have over 30years in creating food that just taste good.




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Houston & Beaumont, Tx



M-Th 9am–5pm
F-Sa 9am–5pm

Call (409)292-6654 from 8am – 6pm daily to place an order.